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Q: The Bali photoshoot this time around, there was a feel which was rather different from the photoshoots to date where your charisma was overflowing right?
Perhaps it was because I kept hearing the words “naturally, naturally” starting from prior to the photoshoot, I strived to implant in my head the thought that the subject is “naturalism”. However, even so, I still came to hear words like “How would it be if you remove just a little more of your strength?” I felt that I still retained the habit of subconsciously being nervous.

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welcome to my show, my opera

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Jang Hyun Seung : “I like U-know Yunho sunbae-nim a lot. We (Beast) once went to the same hairdresser as him, I just let out of breath because he was so handsome/good-looking.”

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kyuhyun + his “magic trick”

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